Melatonin, Urine

Name of the Test:

Melatonin, Urine Test

Alias Names:

N-acetyl-5-methoxy-tryptamine; sleep hormone

Pan Laboratories
Pan Laboratories

Clinical Applications:

The pineal gland has been called a neuroendocrine transducer because of its importance in photoperiodism. The major hormone of the pineal gland is Melatonin(N-acetyl-5-methoxy-tryptamine). It is the major indole compound synthesized by the pineal gland. It is converted from Serotonin by Hydroxy Indole-O-Methyl Transferase. It is excreted into the urine as 6-Sulfatoxymelatonin, N-Acetyl Serotonin, other glucuronide and sulfate forms, and also a small amount as unconjugated “free” Melatonin. Melatonin has potent melanocyte contracting properties. Melatonin is primarily secreted during the dark (night) cycle. Levels drop dramatically after exposure to bright light. Melatonin binds to various proteins including Albumin. Patients with cancer frequently have decreased levels of Melatonin as do patients with impaired central nervous system function. Elevated levels can be found in sympathetic orthostatic hypotension. Melatonin has a stimulatory and suppressive feedback on Gonadotropin release depending on Melatonin levels. Altered levels of Melatonin have been reported with sleep disorders, jet lag, depression, stress, schizophrenia, hypothalamic amenorrhea, pregnancy, anorexia nervosa, immunological disorders, as well as sexual maturation during puberty.


Pan Laboratories

Urine samples are extracted and dried under nitrogen prior to the immunoassay. Melatonin is measured by a competitive enzyme immunoassay (EIA) using anti-melatonin and biotinylated melatonin.

Test Information:

  • Pan Laboratories

    Specimen requirements: 20 ml aliquot of 24 hr urine (2 ml minimum). Total volume per 24 hour collection (in ml) is required for reporting. Urine samples should be refrigerated during collection process.

  • Pan Laboratories

    Shipping requirements: Ship the samples frozen or in ice packs. Shipping samples at room temperature is not recommended.

  • Pan Laboratories

    Turnaround time: Once per week (set up every Friday and reported the following day).

  • Pan Laboratories

    Reference Range: 50 – 150 ng per 24 hrs (collection of urine)


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