How to Package a Frozen Specimen

Required materials – Specimen in a labeled tube, Styrofoam container with 1-2kgs of dry ice, cushion material(e.g. cotton, papertowels, etc), 3 sealable bags(e.g. zip locks), test order form, shipping box with appropriate labels

Then follow these steps(also in video):
(1) Put the specimen in a labeled tube. Optionally use parafilm or tape to add an extra seal to the tube.
(2) Put the labeled specimen tube in a sealed plastic bag (e.g. zip lock)
(3) Put the test order form in a second sealed plastic bag (e.g. zip lock)
(4) Put both sealed bags in a 3rd sealed plastic bag (e.g. zip lock)
(5) Place the sealed bag in step 4, the dry ice, and cushion material in the Styrofoam box
(6) Place the Styrofoam box in the shipping box
(7) Add the following to the outside of the shipping box: Senders name and address; recipients name and address; UN 3373 label; UN 1845 label with the net weight of the dry ice. Your shipping vendor should have these available.