Calculated Free Vitamin D (25 hydroxy)

Name of the Test:
Free Vitamin D (25 Hydroxy)

Alias Names:
Unbound Vitamin D , Calculated Free Vitamin D

Pan Laboratories
Pan Laboratories

Free Vitamin D determination may be useful when,

– There is a discrepancy with total vitamin D ( 25 OH ) with calcium & PTH levels(e.g) Renal dialysis patients
– There is discrepancy in Bone mineral density with total Vitamin D ( 25 OH ) concentration
– There is an increased level of Vitamin D binding protein as in pregnancy
Vitamin D deficiency is determined by measuring circulating 25 hydroxy Vitamin D (25(OH)D). Over 85 % of circulating 25(OH) D is tightly bound to a specific vitamin D binding protein (DBP). A lesser amount is bound loosely with albumin. Less than 1% is free Vitamin D (Free D). DBP levels are high during pregnancy and individuals with estrogen treatment. The free
fraction along with the albumin bound fraction, called Bioavailable Vitamin D, is readily available for metabolic function. Recent studies indicate that bioavailable or Free, and not total 25(OH) D, correlate with serum calcium. The correlation is poor between 25(OH) D levels with bone mineral density. On the other hand, the correlation between Bioavailable Vitamin D and bone mineral density is better. Similarly, measurement of Bioavailable D in hemodialysis patients show a better correlation in terms of mineral metabolism and PTH levels than total Vitamin D measurement. It is therefore important to measure free and Bioavailable D in clinical conditions associated with potential mineral metabolic changes.


Pan Laboratories

Bioavailable 25(OH) D is vitamin D (25 OH) not bound to DBP. To obtain the bioavailable fraction, total vitamin D, DBP and albumin were quantitated. Using affinity constant of 25(OH)D for DBP and albumin, Bioavailable Vitamin D and Free Vitamin D are calculated. Reported results include the concentration of calculated Free Vitamin D ,Bioavailable Vitamin D, Vitamin D binding protein and Total Vitamin D (25 OH).

Test request information:

  • Pan Laboratories

    Specimen requirements: 1.0 ml (minimum 0.3 ml) of serum or Plasma.

  • Pan Laboratories

    Shipping requirements: Ship the samples frozen or in ice pack. Shipping samples at room temperature is not recommended.

  • Pan Laboratories

    Turnaround time: 1 week

  • Pan Laboratories

    Reference Range (Adults): Free Vitamin D (Calculated) : 5.0 – 18.0 pg/ml

  • Pan Laboratories

    Bioavailable Vitamin D: 1.92 – 8.82 ng/ml

  • Pan Laboratories

    Vitamin D Binding protein: 104 – 477 ug/ml

  • Pan Laboratories

    Total Vitamin D (25 Hydroxy): 30 – 80 ng/ml


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