Anti- Annexin V IgG and IgM

Name of the Test:

Anti- Annexin V, IgG and IgM

Alias Names:

Autoantibodies to Annexin V , anti-Annexin V antibodies.

Pan Laboratories
Pan Laboratories

Clinical Applications:

Annexin V is a glycoprotein ( Mol Wt . 36 kD) that has the ability to bind to negatively charged phopholipids such as phosphotidyl serine with high affinity in a calcium- dependent manner .Based on its strong phospholipid binding activity, it inhibits in vitro the thrombinase complex and the tenase complex, resulting in potent anticoagulant activity . The occurrence of autoantibodies to annexin V has been described in several pathological disorders. It has been concluded that extracellular annexin V provides an antigenic stimulus for autoantibody production. The elevated levels of autoantibodies to annexin V (especially IgG isotype) have been demonstrated in serum samples of patients with systemic lupus erythomatosis(SLE), rheumatoid arthritis , recurrent fetal loss (miscarriage ) and pre-eclampsia . A number of studies suggest that the displacement of annexin V shield from the syncytiotrophoblast surface in the placenta by anti-annexin V antibodies is causative in the generation of a thrombogenic environment and consequently fetal loss. An increased prevalence of elevated anti-annexin V IgM, and to a lesser extent anti-annexin V IgG, was seen in recurrent spontaneous miscarriage patients.


Pan Laboratories

Antibodies to Human annexin V are measured by ELISA . Microtiter plates coated with human anti-annexin V. The bound antibodies from serum samples are determined using polyclonal rabbit antihuman IgG or polyclonal rabbit anti-human IgM labeled with HRP. The results are expressed as U /ml using anti-annexin V IgG or IgM calibrators.

Test Information:

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    Specimen requirements: 0.5 ml (0.2 ml minimum) of Serum or Plasma.

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    Patient Preparation: Fasting samples are preferred.

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    Shipping Requirements: Ship the samples frozen or in ice pack.

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    Turnaround time: 1 week (set up every Saturday and reported the same day).

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    Reference Range:

    Anti-annexin V, IgG or IgM:

    Less than 10 U /ml —— Negative

    10 – 20 U /ml —— Low positive

    Greater than 20 U /ml —— Positive

This test is approved by New York state.


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