How to package frozen specimens

Frozen specimens being mailed for in-vitro testing need to be packaged with care. This video outlines required and optional steps to make sure your samples are well preserved when they get to the testing lab.

You will need the specimen in a labeled tube, a styrofoam container with 1-2 kgs of dry ice inside, 3 resealable plastic bags, the test order form, and a shipping box . Google search for the closest vendor to obtain dry ice and make sure to handle the dry ice carefully.

The first step is to close the tube with the specimen inside and keep it frozen till you are ready to package it. You can optionally use parafilm or tape to add an extra seal to the lid.

When you are ready to mail your specimen remove it from the freezer and place the labeled tube into one of the resealable plastic bags. Separately place the test requisition form in another bag. Use the third bag to put both into.

Next, place the sealed bag inside the styrofoam box with the dry ice. Add paper towels, cotton, or wool inside to buffer the tube.

Last, place the styrofoam box in the final shipping container ensuring the box is secure with any extra packaging material necessary. On the outside of that box include the senders name and address, the recipient’s name and address, a UN 3373 Label for infectious substances, and a UN 1845 label with the net weight for the dry ice. Your shipping vendor should have these available if required.

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