Name of the Test :     ANDROSTERONE

Clinical Application :

Androsterone( ADT ) is produced  from both adrenal and gonadal glands . Androsterone is a 17-Ketosteroid possessing potent androgenic activity.  Androsterone can be reversibly converted to 3a-Androstanediol and then to testosterone . Androsterone and its metabolites are potent androgens . Androsterone is present in blood in its free (unconjugated) form and as its Glucuronide and Sulfate derivatives. Androsterone is excreted into the urine as Androstrone Glucuronide and Androsterone Sulfate and also metabolized to 11b-HydroxyAndrostrone and 11-ketoAndrosterone.  Elevated levels of Androsterone tend to have a cholesterol lowering effect and male sexual charecteristics , including male baldness. Moderate gains of muscle mass and strength can be  expected .Elevated levels of Androsterone are frequently seen in female patients with acne with or without hirsutism.  Hirsute females without acne usually have normal levels. Decreased levels of Androsterone are seen in many cancer patients and people with myxedema. 

Method :

Androsterone (ADT) in serum and plasma is extracted with a mixture of hexane / ethyl acetate  before drying under nitrogen. The ELISA is a competitive ADT with biotinylated ADT with anti-ADT , coated in microtiter wells. Percent inhibition by the extracted samples is quantitated using a standard curve.

Sample requirements :

3.0 ml ( minimum 1.0 ml ) of serum or  Plasma ( EDTA ).

Patient preparation:  Patients should avoid any hormonal medication for 2 days. Fasting specimen is preferred .

Shipping requirements: : Ship the samples frozen in dry ice or in ice pack.

Turnaround time:  1 week  ( Set up every Friday and reported the same day).

Reference Range ( Adults ):    20 – 80 ng / dL

  1. Carmina E et al (1991) Serum Androsterone conjugate differentiate between acne and hirsuitism in hyperandrogenic women .Fertility and Sterility 55 : 872-876 .
  2. Kream J ,Hellman L,Rosenfield RS(1976) Radioimmunoassay of androsterone and androsterone -3-sulfate in plasma .Steroids 27:727-739.

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